Justine Bouchard is a qualified nurse, whole food specialist and mother who offers post natal support services for mother baby and families in a caring, respectful and practical way.

As a mother of 3, Justine understands that the demands of this time can leave us feeling exhausted, vulnerable and confused. She would love to support and nurture you and your family to bring ease, joy and connection to these special days.With nurturing ways, Justine comes to your home and offers her professional knowledge,personal experience,  and expertise to support and nourish mothers, babies and their family.

She will listen to your needs and concerns and respect your wishes to provide the practical help you require as well as the understanding of an experienced mother who truly enjoys babies, children and helping others.

You may wish to share birth stories over a cup of tea or to get support and guidance on how to feed and settle your baby. You may want information on nourishing foods that promote healing and increase energy . You may benefit from advice on food options that deal with intolerances or allergies.

Justine’s empathetic, non-judgemental wholistic approach and hands on care will give you the time, confidence and skills to relax and enjoy time with your baby and family.

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